Easy Gift Wrap Image Transfer Photo Frame

My daughter is getting married ONE MONTH FROM TODAY (!) so I’ve been working like mad on things that will work in relation to the upcoming bridal shower as well as the wedding. Since we have some lovely engagement photos around here in need of framing, I decided that a pretty heart shaped frame would […]

CraveTO: Good Food, Good Beer, Good Music

Have you heard of CraveTO? It’s an outdoor festival celebrating Toronto street food, craft beer, and DJs.  Now, I don’t know about you, but that sure sounds like fun to me! I’ll be heading to Toronto on May 30th to celebrate the unofficial start of summer (and patio season!) with some great food, great beverages, […]

DIY Garden Angel


Happy Spring!  I can’t wait to get outside and enjoy the lovely weather. We have  a few Spring events leading up to my daughter’s wedding and I’m trying to make decorations that will work not only for the parties but later, in someone’s home as well. Her wedding is a flower theme so the bridal […]

Deviled Eggs with Wholly Guacamole


Have some leftover hard boiled eggs from Easter? I’ve recently met quite a few people who don’t use their eggs after Easter but we always do. We make egg salad, put them in spinach (along with bacon – yum!), and make a family favourite – Deviled Eggs. Here’s a yummy variation on an old standby […]

Wake Up with a Smile – Tips on a Smoother Morning Routine


So, yesterday I shared with some more steps I’m taking on my Feelin’ SoFabulous for SoFabCon journey in terms of getting a better night’s sleep. Today, I thought I’d fill you in on what I’m doing for my morning routine to wake up and set myself on a smooth path for the day. First of […]

Mother’s Day Cash Giveaway (WW)


Mother’s Day is coming up soon.  I’m so excited because I’ll actually be able to be WITH my mom in person for Mother’s Day again this year. YAY!  I already have her gifts prepared and waiting for her.  What about you? Could you use some extra cash to treat your mom to a special gift […]

Bedtime Routines for a Good Night’s Sleep


So, to continue the Feelin’ SoFabulous quest I have started, I’m continuing on with trying to improve the sleep that I get – I’m finding that it’s still taking me too long to fall asleep and then I’m waking up very early but not feeling refreshed and by lunch time I’m dragging.  A few weeks […]

Menu Plan Monday: Week of April 21st


Hello friends! I hope you had a lovely weekend.  We had a very quiet Easter for the most part around here.  Spent one day with our extended family making crafts, doing Easter egg hunts, and stuffing ourselves silly at a Chinese all you can eat buffet.  The rest of the weekend was pretty low-key.  What […]

Building Family Memories with an Easter Egg Hunt


I don’t remember my family having Easter egg hunts when I was young. Oh, the Easter bunny hid our baskets but for some reason, I always really really wanted an egg hunt. So, when I got older, any chance I got, I would organize a hunt for my nieces and nephews, my Girl Guide troop, […]

Mason Jar Sewing Kit #masonjarHOA


Hey all! It’s another week of Crafty Hangouts and I’m so excited that our sponsor is Ball Mason Jars. I just adore crafting with mason jars. There’s something about them that makes me all nostalgic and anytime I can incorporate them into a craft or a decorating scheme, I’m all over that! So I was […]