Canadian Family Friendly Bloggers You Should Know About


A while back I shared with you some of the DIY/Craft blogs that I visit on a regular basis and I thought that it’s high time I share a list of Canadian blogs too! This is by no means an exhaustive list and I will be adding to it, but for now, these are some […]

This is a Bully Free Zone{RedDotSafeSpot}


It was the day after 9/11. I was a teacher in a Grade 8 classroom and the previous school day had been consumed with talk of the events that had occurred, my students trying to understand it. There was a new student in my class named Akeem. He had just arrived with his family from […]

Microsoft Summit for 21st Century Learners


As a former teacher and as a mom, I’m always very interested in any opportunities to promote, support, and further the education of our future adults. Just in the time since I went to Teachers’ College back in 1991 and now, the world has changed dramatically. As quickly as the world is changing, teachers must […]

Sticky Note Memo Holder {Craft Lightning: Teacher Appreciation Gift}


Welcome back to another edition of Craft Lightning! Craft Lightning projects are ones that can be completed in 15 minutes or less (minus drying time). This time we’re sharing Teacher Appreciation Gift ideas. These could be used at Christmas, for an end of year gift, or of course, during Teacher Appreciation Week. This Sticky Note […]

Lemon Strawberry Shortcake Trifle {12 Days of Easter}


Welcome back for the last day of our 12 days of Easter desserts! ;I hope you have enjoyed all we have had to offer. Today’s treat comes from Naomi at This Roller Coaster Called Life.  It can be made as either an Easter breakfast treat or as a more sweetened version for a tasty Easter […]

Cadbury Easter Egg Cupcakes {12 Days of Easter}


12 Days of Easter food and crafts all in one place! Easter is here already can you believe it! So 12 of my best blogger friends have created 12 Days of Easter recipes and crafts for you. You can check them out out here! Here is one from the CRAZY Adventure of Country Divas girls. […]

Netflix for Us Science Geeks


Science has always been really important in my family. My dad started his career as a chemist for Procter & Gamble. From a very age, science was “our thing”. I was just as interested in it as he was and we spent many hours discussing science, going out on nature walks and studying science, or […]

Will it be a Vacation or a Staycation This Year?


For me, it’s going to be a bit of both. I do love getting away and going on vacation not just because I like to see new places and learn new things but also because it makes it harder for me to end up being a couch potato or hanging out online instead. But staycations […]

Easter Peep Surprise Cupcakes {12 Days of Easter}


Well we’re getting near the end of our 12 Days of Easter Crafts and Treats but we still have some really fun ideas to come….like this one! Isn’t it sweet? I love anything Peeps related – they just say Easter treat to me. These Easter Peep surprise cupcakes are not only adorable to look at, […]

Strauss WaterBar – For Your Health, For the Environment


Many years ago, my mom and I lived in the same apartment building. One day, when Mom went to pour herself a glass of water, she was in for quite a shock. You see, a couple weeks prior to this, she had put one of those cleaners into her toilet – you know the kind […]