Summer Adventures with Netflix


Summer is all about getting out there into that gorgeous weather and creating some fantastic summer adventures with your family, right? As much as we love to spend all that time outside though there are times when it’s raining or it’s just too hot and humid and we need a break inside. Those times are […]

Healthy and Fast Quinoa Dinner {12 Days of Bloggers’ Favorite Recipes}


Welcome back to the last day of our 12 favorite recipes! This quinoa recipe comes from Stephanie at Sharing A to Z. It is fast, healthy and so versatile! You probably have most of the ingredients in your pantry and it is ready in less than 15 minutes. So, it is perfect for a quick […]

How to Have Beach Ready Summer Skin: 5 Tips


With summer in full swing, there are family barbeques, beach parties and warmer temps, giving you the chance to pull out your shorts, summer dresses and flip flops. Make sure your skin is beach ready with these tips.   Exfoliate – If this isn’t part of your shower routine, it should be. Exfoliating not only […]

Simple Lasagna Roll Ups {12 Days of Bloggers’ Favorite Recipes}


  For day 11 of the 12 Days of Our Favorite Recipes series we have a recipe from Jennifer at The Savings Opportunity. Jennifer is sharing her simple lasagna roll ups recipe, which is fun to make and always a family favorite. The simple lasagna roll ups recipe uses only 8 ingredients and is easy […]

Easy Cheesy Chicken Pasta {12 Days of Bloggers’ Favorite Recipes}


Welcome to Day 7 of our 12 Days of our Favorite Recipes! Do you like cheese? What about chicken? If you say yes, then you’re going to love this Easy Cheesy Chicken Pasta recipe from This N That with Olivia. Olivia is sharing a favorite recipe from her kitchen which captures some of her favorite […]

Raspberry Poke Cake {12 Days of Bloggers’ Favorite Recipes}


Welcome back to the day eight of our twelve days of our FAVORITE recipes!  I hope you have been following along so you didn’t miss all of the great recipes from our friends.  Do you have a favorite yet?   If you don’t have a favorite yet, let Mom Does Reviews’ recipe become your new […]

Blackened Salmon with Maple Reduction {12 Days of Bloggers’ Favorite Recipes}


If you are looking for a recipe that is full of flavor and is a bit spicy and a bit sweet than look no further than this Blackened Salmon with Maple Reduction from Tracy at The flavors all blend so well! This is definitely Tracy’s favorite salmon recipe, and when you try it, I […]

Southern Sweet Tea (12 Days of Bloggers’ Favorite Recipes}


It’s summer time and it’s hot. There’s nothing better when you’re hot then a refreshing drink. My Unentitled Life makes southern sweet tea recipe daily and from scratch. It’s so easy to do. Stop by her blog and see how it’s made! Then make it yourself and save some money and while enjoying the refreshing […]

Lakota Pain Relief Keeps Me Moving + $10 Off Promo Code


My daughter likes to tell me, “Mom you’re not old. You’re positively prehistoric!”. Nice, huh? I know she’s just teasing but there are some mornings when I feel positively prehistoric. A car accident 15 years ago has accelerated the aging process in my joints and when I first wake up in the morning, I often […]

Triple Chocolate Bread {12 Days of Bloggers’ Favorite Recipes}


Welcome back to the day six of our twelve days of our favorite recipes!   So far we have seen burgers, coffee, and NOW we have something sinful and CHOCOLATE!  Get your loaf pans ready for Triple Chocolate Bread with Cocoa and Coconut Oil! Visit Southern Krazed to grab this amazing recipe, but before you go, […]