Brownie Mint Trifle {12 Days of St. Patrick’s Day Treats and Crafts}


Welcome to March and another 12 days of new and exciting recipes or crafts to celebrate St Patrick’s Day. Over the next 12 days, my blogger friends and I will be sharing some great ideas to make you feel like you’ve been visited by the luck of the Irish! When I was younger I worked […]

St. Patrick’s Day Round Robin Giveaway


Do you have the luck of the Irish? With the St. Patrick’s Day Round Robin giveaway, you have 40 chances to find out! That’s right – I’m teaming up with 39 other bloggers to bring you another fun giveaway. Each one of us will be giving away either a $25 gift card or $25 in […]

Make it a Pawsitively Warm and Comfortable Winter for Your Feline Friends – Tips for Cat Care


The end of February is here, which means we’re also near the end of our great Canadian winter! But that doesn’t mean the warmer weather is upon us quite yet! Personally I’ve been in hibernation mode with all these record breaking cold temps and the cats have been happy to join me in staying all […]

Celebrate and Create Your own Destiny with Netflix


I just loved fairy tales when I was a kid. Ok, who am I kidding. I still love fairy tales. I even have a collection of Cinderella books that tell all the different versions of the Cinderella story in cultures around the world! I used to read fairy takes not only to my students when […]

GIVEAWAY: Disney on Ice – Hamilton, ON


A few weeks ago, I shared a Disney trivia quiz to get you all warmed up for Disney on Ice: Passport to Adventure coming to Hamilton, Ontario this March.  Passport to Adventure is such a fun show! I saw it last year with my daughter and we had the best time. So many different Disney […]

Overnight London Fog Inspired Oats in a Jar


Have you ever had a London Fog? It’s my favourite way to have tea. It’s an Earl Grey tea latte made with a touch of vanilla and some frothy milk on top – YUM! Recently, at my local grocery store, they were discussing the value and benefits of tea and demonstrating some recipes with tea […]

Top 10 Ways to Connect with Your Family and Friends Using OneDay – Now Available for Android


You’re heard me talking about the OneDay instant movie maker app before and I’m still just as excited about it. It’s such a great way to connect with your family and preserve those precious memories. I had fun recording some of my own thoughts and memories to share with my family who live far away […]

My Car Accident….or Don’t Use Your Cell Phone While Driving


No, I wasn’t the one using the cell phone. In fact, I’ve NEVER used mine while driving because I know the dangers of it all too well. A friend was just asking me about the car accident that happened to me and my family in 1998 and I thought, hmmm, I don’t think I’ve ever […]

My Favourite Valentine’s Day Gift Ever


Valentine’s Day is usually pretty low-key in my family. It’s not that we’re anti-Valentine’s Day. I think it’s sweet to have a day where we take a little extra time to show our love to one another. Yes, of course we should express our love every day and I don’t think this one day takes […]

Twitter Chat Alert – #RBCFirstHome


Buying a new home? Maybe your first home? That’s such an exciting time. I’ll never forget the thrill I felt going out looking at prospective homes. I had always been a renter and the thought that one of the places I was looking at could be my very own home was just pure joy. Then […]