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  1. Jenny says

    Honestly, my kids have owned almost every single one of these toys or have had a very similar version of it. As a toddler, my daughter loved her little tikes cart and would race around the house with it. This is an awesome list for toddlers and these are perfect gift ideas for that age group.

  2. Marie says

    Great ideas here – that food truck is so ADORABLE and tempting to get my grandchildren. There are a few books here that I know they don’t have too! Pinned 🙂

    • Cyn Gagen says

      Oh absolutely! It’s so cute. I will warn you that it’s shorter than a lot of other toy kitchens but as my grandson has grown taller, he just sits behind it instead of standing. He loves that he can serve food from it and pretend to drive it too. It has some built in sounds, the smoothies are in three different colors and sizes which have helped him with those concepts and there’s a built in shape sorter!

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