What I Learned at BlogHer 2012

This post is your “all in one stop” place to be for all my posts sharing with you what I learned at BlogHer 2012.  All in all, I will have at least 10 posts about my experiences and as I add more I will continue to add them here so they’ll be a bit easier to find.  You can also look in my sidebar for the “BlogHer 12”, “Social Media”, “Travels and Finds”, and “London and Beyond” categories  In the Social Media category you will find only the posts that have to do with the social media sessions specifically and what I learned about using social media in those.  In the Travels and Finds/London and Beyond categories it will be more about the beautiful New York City location: sights we saw, restaurant reviews, and that sort of thing.  All of these will be found under the more general BlogHer category, which will also include posts about my general impressions of BlogHer, ideas for what to pack for a BlogHer conference, and more.

Here are my posts about BlogHer 2012 so far:

Our arrival in NYC for BlogHer 12:  http://creativecynchronicity.com/2012/08/in-a-new-york-state-of-mind-blogher-12-arrival/

Pathfinder Day – The Keynote Address by Amy Jo Martin:  http://creativecynchronicity.com/2012/08/blogher12-pathfinder-day-amy-jo-martin/

Pathfinder Day – My Blog as Media Company:  http://creativecynchronicity.com/2012/08/blogher-12-pathfinder-day/

BlogHer Day One – Martha Stewart Keynote:  http://creativecynchronicity.com/2012/08/blogher-2012-martha-stewart-keynote-luncheon/

BlogHer Day One – The Brand-Blogger Connection:  http://creativecynchronicity.com/2012/08/blogher-2012-day-2-the-brand-blogger-connection/

BlogHer Day One – Leveraging Facebook and Twitter:  http://creativecynchronicity.com/2012/08/blogher-2012-day-one-leveraging-facebook-and-twitter/

BlogHer Day One – 10 Things You Can Do to Maximize Your Social Media Expertise:  http://creativecynchronicity.com/2012/08/blogher-2012-day-one-maximize-social-media-expertise/

BlogHer Day Two – Leveraging Pinterest, Google+, and Instagram: http://creativecynchronicity.com/2012/08/blogher-2012-day-two-leveraging-pinterest-google-instagram/

BlogHer The Good:  http://creativecynchronicity.com/2012/08/blogher-2012-the-good/

BlogHer The Bad:  http://creativecynchronicity.com/2012/08/blogher-2012-the-bad/

BlogHer The Ugly:  http://creativecynchronicity.com/2012/08/blogher-2012-the-ugly/

Wordless Wednesday:  The Statue of Liberty:  http://creativecynchronicity.com/2012/08/wordless-wednesday-first-time-seeing-statue-of-liberty/  (not so much what I learned but definitely a special, fun moment!)

As I come across them, I’ll also share posts from other bloggers about their experiences at BlogHer 2012 like these as well:





















Thanks so much to my sponsors Creating the Hive and Microsoft for making this amazing experience possible!

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Cyn Gagen

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Cyn Gagen
Cyn Gagen


  1. Winnie says:

    Hi! It was great meeting you at breakfast. Hope you enjoyed your stay in NYC and got home fine. I enjoyed reading your notes from the conference. I didn’t attend the same path as you so it was interesting to read what you learned from it. I was pleasantly surprised by Martha as well. I really enjoyed the fashionshow on the last night. It had a great positive vibe. I love your blog. I will definitely be making your potpie soup (when it cools off here!).

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